Startseite " A Look into Deceptive Assessment in April 2023 and Bogus Verification

Despite’s claim to be the top dating website for meeting Eastern European women, our investigation found that it is probably a fraudulent chat scam and not worth the cost. This conclusion is based on extensive user feedback indicating negative experiences, as well as our own exploration of the site.

The site’s operator, J-Profit Operations Ltd based in Nicosia, Cyprus, concedes in its Terms of Use that it creates fictitious profiles. Furthermore, it bills users for every message they send. Combined with numerous bad reviews that reveal its use of phony profiles and chat agents, we conclude that is a waste of time and money.

Bogus “test profiles”

The website’s Terms of Use reveal that generates “test profiles” for monitoring and testing purposes. In our experience, this is a ploy to concede the use of fake profiles and fake chat operators. It is highly unusual to need fabricated profiles for real dating sites.

Several reviews from prior customers of corroborated our suspicions about this site. Many reviews accuse the site’s operator of scamming them or ripping them off with the use of fake chat operators. Some have spent substantial sums of money on chat interactions with phony profiles that cannot be met in real life. Given these terrible experiences, we believe that is likely a sham.

In accordance with the Terms of Use

To test or monitor the site’s operation, we may create test profiles.

Expensive credits

We consider this site to be a rip-off due to its costly virtual credits that are required to send messages. Given that users will likely unknowingly converse with bots or staff of the site, we view this as a scam. Previous users of the site have accused the operator of swindling them because they purchased credits and communicated solely with dubious profiles.

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