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Even though appeared to be a quality dating website initially, we conducted an investigation and found out that it is a fake chat scam with a subscription rip-off. The odds of having a conversation with a genuine person on this site are very slim, and the odds of meeting someone for a date are even lower. This is likely due to the site using fake chat operators. Furthermore, there is a subscription trap. Neosolut Web Services Ltd is the operator of this website, based in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Fake “Automatic” Messages’s Terms & Conditions reveal that the site automatically sends custom or pre-written default messages to users. Despite attempting to conceal this as a ‘promotion’ feature, we consider it to be a red flag for a con. Websites with this type of wording in the terms typically employ “fake chat” operators, which can be either automated chat bots or human employees.

In our opinion, the majority of profiles on this site are probably fake. During our testing of the site using an account, we noted that many questionable messages were sent to us. These messages were frequently sexual or suggestive and prompted us to engage in a conversation. The issue with this is that a costly subscription is required to access the chat capabilities. Scam dating sites frequently use these “automatic” and “promotion” messages to entice users to purchase a subscription.

From the Terms & Conditions

We may occasionally provide users with the option to “Promote My Account” via the Account Settings page. Activating this service means that we will automatically broadcast custom messages created by any user or chosen from a default list of template messages to other users.

You can cancel the auto-renewal function to avoid recurring fees, but you must take action at least 72 hours (or 3 days) before the renewal date.

Dubious Subscription Trap

In addition to the ingenuine messages and fake profiles you may encounter on this site, there is also a subscription trap to be wary of. As we previously mentioned, users must upgrade their membership subscription if they want to send messages and view replies.

Because there is a high chance of interacting with fake chat operators, this website is a sham. But the scam doesn’t stop there. According to the Terms & Conditions, users must cancel their subscriptions at least 72 hours, or 3 days, before the renewal date to avoid being charged. This is impossible for the 3-day trial subscription, therefore making it a subscription trap.

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