Startseite " Review of Fake Check and Scam Alert for April 2023

Despite its initial appearance as a legitimate dating site, has turned out to be a fake chat scam and a rip-off, as revealed in our review of the site. This was particularly disappointing, given the niche demographic it targeted. The site is operated by Augustine Ltd, a notorious entity that runs a wide network of similar scam sites. Based in Douglas, Isle of Man, this operator is not to be trusted.

Suspicious Staff-Managed Profiles

The fact that the site contains fake profiles managed by the staff is buried deep in the Terms & Conditions page, which most users would not read in its entirety. The operator openly admits that their employees create and handle profiles on the site, supposedly for the purpose of testing and maintaining it. Such a practice is unusual and unnecessary, and based on our previous experience, it is indicative of a fake chat scam. Presumably, these staff-managed profiles are used to bait users into paying for a subscription.

Excerpts from the Terms & Conditions

Wir garantieren nicht, dass alle in der Suche gefundenen Profile unseren Benutzern gehören, da wir uns das Recht vorbehalten, Profile zu erstellen, die von unseren Mitarbeitern gepflegt und verwaltet werden („Mitarbeiterprofile“). Der Zweck dieser Mitarbeiterprofile besteht darin, sicherzustellen, dass unsere Dienste ordnungsgemäß funktionieren, indem sie es uns ermöglichen, die Dienste, Merkmale und Funktionen zu testen und unsere Produkte und Dienste zu untersuchen.

All billing cancellations must first be requested via the Cancel Automatic Billing Renewal Request Form which can also be obtained by contacting customer services by submitting a ticket via the helpdesk in the members area. In order to process the cancellation of your subscription, the form must be fully completed and returned to Customer Support.

Risky Subscription

The site requires users to upgrade to an expensive subscription in order to interact with other members. This monthly subscription will renew automatically each month if not canceled. While this alone is not alarming, given the presence of fraudulent profiles and the dodgy subscription cancellation process, this is clearly a rip-off.

According to the Terms & Conditions, users must fill out a request form and contact customer service to cancel their membership. In our experience, this is worrisome, as the operator may avoid responding to the request or delay their reply until after the renewal date. Signing up for a subscription with this site could result in an endless cycle of costly payments that may be difficult to escape from. We do not recommend taking the risk, especially considering the prevalence of fake profiles.

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