Hjem » A review of DirtyMuffin.net: Deceptive Check Scam in April 2023.

DirtyMuffin.net is a dating scam website managed by fishy Take Two Digital Ltd, a company based in Paphos, Cyprus with a terrible reputation in the industry. The landing page displays a woman eating a cupcake with her fingers while wearing a tight-fitting top. The text invites users to sign up for free to have fun and make their desires come true while promising privacy and anonymity, but none of it is true.

Flirtatious chatbots

Signing up is easy and free, and upon accessing the members’ area, users are bombarded with spicy messages that certainly come from fake profiles. The company even admits to creating “system profiles,” fictitious characters designed to engage users in flirting conversations. This bait is essential to the scam as users cannot reply without paying for it, leading to users unknowingly spending their money.

Rip-offs like this may seem obvious, but not everyone has the experience with these websites. Users may think that their efforts in creating an interesting profile resulted in these messages, leading them to fall for the scam.

Følgende utdrag er hentet fra vilkårene og betingelsene

The Company operates system profiles (i.e. profiles connected to Accounts which have been created by the Company and which are either operated by contractors of the Company who impersonate the persons portrayed in such profiles or by a system designed to interact with users) and expressly reserves the right to chat with users through such system profiles in order to enhance the users’ entertainment experience. Physical contact with individuals behind such system profiles is strictly prohibited.

Pay per message

Interacting with fake chatbots requires users to purchase a credit package, with “credits” acting as a virtual means of payment. For each message sent, a certain number of credits get deducted from the account, leading to costly flirts for users while the company profits. Unfortunately, users don’t get explicitly informed of the fictitious profiles, and it’s only if they read the Terms and Conditions that they’ll know about it.

Dette er våre anbefalinger for et alternativt nettsted.