Hjem » Review of Ugly Dating – Scam Alert April 2023 – False Authentication

Ugly.dating is attracting thousands of new users every day. They claim to be the best dating website for ugly people who are willing to get freaky. If beauty isn’t one of your main characteristics but you still hope to find someone to hook up with, this seems to be the perfect place to start your quest. The free registration allows you to create a profile in just a matter of minutes. However, this isn’t enough to get in touch with other people.

A possible trap

To unlock the chat features, you need to become a VIP member and pay the relevant fee. All the subscriptions renew automatically, and there are suspicions that this could turn into a trap. The Terms and Conditions explain how you can stop the automatic renewal, but the procedure seems to be rather complicated.

Even if we cannot be sure that this is a subscription rip-off, we strongly advise you to save your money for a better dating site. Regardless of how much you spend on Ugly.dating, your chances of arranging an erotic encounter are virtually non-existent.

The following excerpt is from the Terms and Conditions

We do not guarantee that all the profiles found in Search will belong to our users, as we reserve the right to create profiles which are maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to ensure that our Services are operating properly by allowing us to test the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our Products and Services.

Members are not real

Ugly.dating is nothing more than a scam. Most of the profiles in the member’s area are fake. We found proof of the rip-off in the Terms and Conditions, where the site’s operator admits to creating staff profiles. They claim to do that to test the quality of the service. We know, from experience, that this is a lie because these accounts are not identified separately in the system.

Therefore, you will never be sure whether you are talking to somebody who is looking for a partner or to a professional moderator who impersonates a fictional character. The Irish company from Dublin which runs Ugly.dating is infamous for using this dirty trick on each one of their platforms. We have already written several reviews about Desdemona Ltd. All our previous experiences with this operator have been highly disappointing.

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