Hjem » BlackWink.com Review – Scam April 2023 – Fake check

BlackWink.com is a dating website that purports to connect black people with their admirers. The platform is run by InfraWeb Solution Ltd, based in Hong Kong. Every time we write a review about this company, we are disgusted by the experience. It’s impossible to find a genuine date here because this service was originally created as a form of virtual “romantic entertainment” for sexual purposes.

Fake conversation clones

You may encounter a large number of attractive black individuals in the member’s area, but they are merely a target for naive participants. Almost immediately, you’ll begin receiving a lot of attention from these fake characters. Unfortunately, the messages you receive are automatically generated or even sent by company employees. We cannot guarantee that every account is fake, but it certainly seems that way. Either way, it will be extremely difficult to find a genuine individual. As a result, we recommend that you spend your time elsewhere.

Many of these profiles will likely be taken from other websites that are similar. In reality, the corporation will mirror your profile itself. Your face and biography may be published on another random website, owned by this company, without your knowledge. Most likely, it will not involve any black dating. It is alleged that the company does this in order to give you access to a superior service, but it seems like a scam to us.

The following sentences are excerpted from the Terms and Conditions.

We want to provide you with a complete range of products and services, in order to do this, we will share your information with multiple sites associated with Partner (see our Privacy Policy – the creation of duplicate profiles across multiple sites associated with Partner). Additionally, we will market our different products and services to you.

A user may want to send automated messages to other users that are specific to a given time, this may include, but is not limited to, Flirtcast messages or Messages that promote my account (“Custom Messages”).

We cannot guarantee that all profiles found in search are actually user profiles; we have the right to create profiles that are maintained and managed by our employees (” Staff Profiles”).

Terrible fame

Additionally, it’s crucial that you understand that this company has a dismal reputation among their clients. Even if you believe it’s acceptable to participate in a fake conversation with virtual profiles, we cannot advocate purchasing a membership. Our study indicated that many users have previously left terrible reviews regarding different portals operated by InfraWeb Solution Ltd. This company appears to have no interest in receiving cancellation messages. As a result, they continue to demand money from their clients as long as possible.

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