Hogar » KinkyTemptation.com Review – Scam April, 2023 – Fake or not?

KinkyTemptation.com is a tener una cita website that appears complex. It appears to be nothing more than ordinary, so the domain name seems like a random choice. The platform is operated by Master Focus Ltd, which is a company located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While writing this review, we learned that the portal is populated with false profiles. These automatically target newcomers. The objective is not to expose you to actual people, so we are convinced that the company is simply attempting to defraud you.

Sultry, but not real, fake chat

After creating our bland profile, we logged in our the first time. Immediately, we began receiving messages from women who desired to initiate a conversation with us. This is not what we expected, as our test profile is intended to be as monotonous as possible. No real person would interact with an empty profile with a bland bio of random letters. This indicates that the individuals who approach us are not genuine. This is evidenced by the Terms and Conditions. The portal is solely intended to provide a virtual “entertainment” experience, but it’s a scam.

As a result, these characters are there solely to trick you into spending an inconsequential amount of money on this pointless chat. If you enjoy talking to fictional “space girls”, this is perfectly acceptable. However, the company is not transparent about it. These scams are well known because users rarely read the Terms of Use. Additionally, the characters that approach you should be clearly distinguishable as fictional. This portal is said to be a treacherous scam.

Las siguientes oraciones están extraídas de los Términos y Condiciones.

Occasionally, while using Our Services, you will interact with automated online accounts and/or fictional profiles, all of their content has been created by either: a) real people that were only employed or contracted by Us for the intended purposes; or/and b) automated programs or scripts, which have no real conversations and were exclusively created by programming (“Automated Profiles”).

The purpose of implementing Automated Profiles on Our Website is to enhance Your entertainment experience and provide you with conversational services, this will lead to You being more stimulated to utilize Our Services more often, for example, by helping you communicate better with other users who are actually real.

Riskier membership

Imagine that you are aware of the chat’s fictional nature, but still decide to participate. Be aware that these deceptive companies often make it extremely difficult to cancel your membership. Our experience has indicated that they typically disregarded cancellation requests, or they presented requirements that were ridiculous, which were not possible to accomplish. Since the subscription is charged on a recurring basis, they will continually demand payment from you as long as possible. In this instance, we lack definitive proof, but all of the red flags we identified will probably lead us to avoid the situation.

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