Maison » Examen de Deceptive Tactics en avril 2023 avec des faux chèques

The landing page of looks promising with the advertised 100% free registration. However, this information is highly misleading. Basic membership only allows creation of a profile, picture upload, and browsing the member’s area. Attempting to access the chat redirects users to the payment page. Free registration is useless without spending money, as users cannot send messages.

False Users

Erotic pictures of new members are displayed on the homepage, and they appear to be genuine users interested in sexual encounters. However, a note at the bottom of the page states that is only an online “entertainment” service, and physical arrangements are not possible.

The site’s operator, Online Media Solutions BV, uses fictional profiles on their platforms, constantly receiving negative reviews from former users who complain about a fake chat scam.


This site is an erotic chat service and uses fictional profiles. These are purely for entertainment, physical appointments are not possible.

Expensive Credits for Fantasy Chat admits to using self-created profiles to communicate with members, but it is not their purpose to establish meetings or dates. Only virtual experiences are available. The presence of fake profiles makes it impossible to distinguish from genuine ones. Conversations could be with a professional moderator who has no interest in the user. Sending messages requires expensive “credits,” with each message costing 50 credits, equivalent to roughly £1.30. Payments are non-recurring.

Ce sont nos recommandations pour un site alternatif.

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