Hjem » Gjennomgang av LocalSluts.uk: Avdekke sin villedende praksis og falske sjekk fra april 2023

The landing page of LocalSluts.uk displays explicit pictures of registered users without any blurring, which is a severe violation of user privacy. Anyone with an internet connection can view these photos, even without signing up, making it a valid reason not to join the platform.

Untrustworthy Company

Our research into the website and its operator, Online Media Solutions BV from s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, revealed a bad reputation. The company runs a vast network of dating websites, including LocalSluts.uk, that have received numerous negative reviews from past users.

There have been complaints about the presence of fictional profiles, created by the company to engage genuine members in expensive and meaningless conversations. This is a practice evident in all their platforms, so there is no reason to believe LocalSluts.uk is any different. This platform is another fake chat scam.

Terms and conditions excerpt:

Denne tjenesten bruker selvlagde underholdningsprofiler, disse profilene er moderert og derfor er ingen fysiske avtaler mulig.

Costly Chatting with Scammers

The member’s area has profiles that are not linked to any genuine users and are not marked as fictional. This means you can never be sure if the person you’re talking to is fake or real. No one on the platform can be trusted. To engage in conversation, you have to buy credit, virtual tokens at £1.25 per 50 credits. It’s an expensive experience to be on LocalSluts.uk.

Dette er våre anbefalinger for et alternativt nettsted.