Home » A Review of LivUChat.me: April 2023 Scam or Fake Check?

The landing page of LivUChat.me displays a preview of the girls available for connection upon joining the site. The currently online and chatting users are indicated with a green tag. There is a wide selection of chat partners to choose from, with thousands of potential chat mates from different countries worldwide.

To connect with other members, one must fill out a quick registration form and confirm their email address to create a profile. Those who wish to enhance their experience on LivUChat.me may opt to download the mobile app, available free for both iOS and Android devices. However, the desktop version works just as well.

How does it work?

To chat with a girl, users must purchase “coins,” the digital currency that will be added to their account. A number of coins are subtracted for every minute spent in the chat, depending on the woman’s rate. On average, 100 coins are required for 1 minute or roughly £1.00.

While this might seem expensive, compared to similar websites charging the same amount for a single text message, it’s relatively cheaper. Moreover, since users can see the girl on video, there is a guarantee that the person they’re talking to is the same girl seen in her profile pictures. Hence, it’s not a fake chat scam.

Can you meet someone?

The significant drawback of LivUChat.me is the almost non-existent possibility of meeting someone in real life. Reviews from past and current users indicate that it’s merely an online entertainment service, and nobody has succeeded in arranging a real date. Note that Clash Arts HK Ltd, the Hong Kong-based company operating LivUChat.me, does not promise that users will meet a partner in real life.

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