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IrishSwingers.co is a dating site for swingers in Ireland, clearly indicated by the layout of the landing page. The inclusion of a shamrock and the Irish flag in the background provides a distinct Irish feel. The landing page also showcases some of the site’s attractive female members. However, it should be noted that the location of these members changes according to the country of access, and they may not necessarily be Irish. Unfortunately, this site is revealed as a rip-off.

Upon discovering that Arnaze Online Ltd operates this site, along with several other dating sites, we became suspicious. The company is based in the typical location for scam site operators – Douglas on the Isle of Man. As is often the case, the important details are cleverly hidden within the site’s Terms and Conditions.

Staff profiles mentioned in the terms and conditions

The profiles found in Search may not all be our users’, we reserve the right to create profiles which are maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to ensure that our Services are operating properly by allowing us to test the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our Products and Services.

The actual purpose behind these staff profiles

The operator of the site is not revealing the whole truth. While there may be several employees in the members’ area, they are not there to test the site’s functionality. They keep their identities hidden and engage in flirtatious chat. However, to completely access the chat, a VIP membership must be purchased. This is the real reason behind the introduction of staff profiles.

The site provides free chatting options, yet they are extremely limited. Only VIP members can initiate conversations, and basic members can only reply to VIP members’ messages. The VIP members also receive better support and increased visibility in the members’ area. As a basic member, the experience on this site is insufficient.

Paying for VIP membership

The VIP membership provides full access to all site features, and the benefits last at least 3 months, renewing automatically. However, the subscription can be canceled before the renewal date, so IrishSwingers.co cannot be considered a subscription rip-off.

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