Home » Fake Checks and Scams on Swingers.ie – A Review in April 2023

Swingers.ie is Ireland’s largest swingers’ community and provides free sign-up. The site’s operator guarantees that no personal information will ever be sold to third parties, which seems promising. However, some unscrupulous practices are hidden behind the landing page’s claims. As we investigated further, we discovered that this website is both troublesome and misleading.

Once you register, you will begin receiving a lot of attention from other members. However, the chat options are seriously limited, which forces users to purchase full membership. To have access to all the features, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Pretentious entertainment

The site’s operator has done a fantastic job of making chat more appealing. However, we found that most of the profiles belong to fake chat operators. Many of these members are company employees who engage in stimulating conversations with others to persuade them to purchase a full membership. The Terms and Conditions are explicit about the likelihood of fake member profiles, messages, and conversations.

Venntro Media Group Ltd.

Even without reading the terms and conditions, we realised that Swingers.ie is managed by Venntro Media Group Ltd, an English operator that runs numerous fraudulent dating websites. Unsatisfied users often criticise the company for creating subscription traps and aggressively billing them. It’s challenging to cancel subscriptions, and some users claim the company randomly charges them amounts of money. Unfortunately, our experience with other dating sites run by this company aligns with this.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.