Home » Is Voobaz.com a Scam? Reviewing a Fake Check from April 2023

Founded only a year ago, Voobaz.com features a modern and attractive design. The landing page is free from any explicit content, indicating that the platform is primarily intended for finding genuine romantic connections, rather than casual sexual encounters. With translations available in seven different languages, even non-German speakers can easily navigate the website.

However, the English version’s translation appears somewhat rough, potentially affecting the experience for native speakers. Utilizing professional translation services could greatly improve the overall readability and usability of Voobaz.com for English speakers.

Is it truly free?

Voobaz.com’s landing page repeatedly emphasizes that the service is entirely free. To verify this claim, we created a profile and were able to easily and quickly register, reaching the members’ area in under five minutes without being asked for credit card information. We then thoroughly tested the platform by sending multiple messages to various users, never being prompted to pay for additional features or services. Although boosting your profile is an option, it is not mandatory, and we can confirm that Voobaz.com is genuinely 100% free.

Limited users

As a young platform, Voobaz.com is still in the process of building up its user base, resulting in a limited pool of active users. However, all profiles we reviewed appeared to be genuine, and we did not receive any indications of fake chats or scams. The site’s operator, Sebastian Xavier Gonzalez of Albstadt, Germany, has developed a trustworthy and reliable dating website which, with minor adjustments, has strong potential for success.

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