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FreeSexAffairs.com is a dating website that claims to be free. However, it operates a dubious verification process. The company behind it is called Internet Services, which is a strange dating services provider with a questionable background. It’s uncertain where they’re registered or if they’re a legitimate business, and they can only be reached through email, which isn’t enough for a trustworthy operator. We’ve encountered this pattern in other reviews, and we don’t believe this site is reliable.

Suspicious First Impression

The FreeSexAffairs.com landing page is basic and provides little information. An image of a couple playfully snuggling on a couch is displayed, and we’re invited to sign up for free below it. We also see some pictures of women who are supposedly members of the site. However, based on our experience, something seems suspicious about them. Some women appear too young or don’t seem like dating profile pictures.

Terms and Conditions Excerpts

Please note that while using our services, you may interact with automated online accounts and/or fake profiles that have been generated by automated programs or scripts or real individuals who have been contracted or employed by us (referred to as “Bots,” “Automated Profiles,” or “Fictitious profiles”). These Automated Profiles are used within the Services to enhance your entertainment experience and provide you with engaging services, helping you better communicate with another user who is a live human being.

Keep in mind that none of the content or actions made by Automated Profiles are the result of a natural person’s profile or any user-generated content. None of the dialogues with the Automated Profiles are real and are exclusively programmed.

Is it Really Free?

Upon logging in, the profiles on the fake chat started sending us messages that encouraged us to upload a profile picture. The messages seemed overly eager to connect with us, especially since our test profiles are designed to go unnoticed among real people. Additionally, the company acknowledges in their terms and conditions that they create fake profiles to lure visitors into upgrading to premium features, which are theoretically free.

Unfortunately, to verify your age due to the website’s adult content, you’re required to provide your credit card information. Considering that the company is difficult to contact and uses a fake chat, providing such information seems unwise. We’ve seen companies use this verification method to defraud their customers.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.