Home » Fake Check and Scam Allegations on 50Plus50.com – March 2023 Review

Should anyone decide to sign up for 50Plus50.com they will be able to search for meaningful connections with like-minded seniors willing to spend time together and do what they like the most. This might mean just taking a walk in the park, going to a museum, or maybe meeting up for an interesting conversation over a cup of coffee. All the profiles that we checked seemed genuine. Moreover, during our evaluation, we didn’t receive any suspicious messages.

A Good Variety of Services

Users can decide to meet up privately or to attend one of the many public gatherings where some of the most active members regularly meet up. This is a fun and risk-free way for users to connect with many people at once and spice up their social life. If you’re interested in very specific activities, such as Nordic walking or gardening, you can search for people that share your passion and start building your new circle of friends from there.

Depending on where users live, they might have a hard time connecting with someone nearby through the site. This is the only disadvantage that we have experienced on 50Plus50.com. This is because the portal is quite recent. Therefore, it doesn’t a lot of members yet. However, given the good reputation that it has already received on the internet, we do not doubt that more people will join the community soon.

Fair Paid Options

To be able to send messages, users must first purchase a premium membership. Prices are very affordable, starting at less than £10 for a monthly subscription. If users decide to sign up for a longer plan, the cost decreases even more. The best news is that none of these memberships renew automatically. Users have the freedom to decide whether they want to extend their payment or not. Therefore, we can be sure that this is not a subscription rip-off.

50plus50 Ltd is the London-based company responsible for this platform. As far as we know, 50Plus50.com is the only website they run. Based on our experience and what we have found online, this is a reputable operator that doesn’t take advantage of any cheeky scam to attract new users and increase their income.

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