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GoosebumpChat.com is another fake chat scam developed by Middelburg, Netherlands-based sneaky company Midsummer Online BV. We’ve written several reviews about them, so we know they control an extensive network of similar online dating scams. We worry that none of these have a single real user. Unless you just want a quick virtual experience, there’s no point in handing over your money to this shabby carrier.

Fake temptations – GoosebumpChat.com

When we logged in, we weren’t overly impressed. We started getting tons of messages from sexy women eager to have sex with us. Sounds amazing, but it can’t be true. Finally, our test profiles were specifically created to go unnoticed in real crowds. We didn’t write anything interesting and refused to upload a profile photo. The terms of service further confirmed our suspicions.

The only reason these homemade profiles exist is to trick you into spending money on useless chat. Granted, some people might find exchanging messages with these avatars exciting. However, the company must be open. Fake profiles must identify themselves when interacting with human visitors. Since they don’t, it’s clearly a hoax.

The following is taken from the General Terms and Conditions

5.3. Midsummer Online BV expressly reserves the right to send calls to goosebumpchat.com via self-created profiles. These are fictional profiles and cannot be physically matched.

11.3 If the user sends text or images, sounds, and/or software to Midsummer Online BV or leaves them on the website, the user transfers all intellectual property rights to Midsummer Online BV and the user shall therefore indemnify Midsummer Online BV against claims by third parties. Therefore, Midsummer Online BV has the right to commercially exploit these contributions.

Protect your privacy

Another concern is that the company owns any content you upload to the platform. Therefore, you can use it for your own commercial purposes without any restrictions. From our experience in the industry, this usually means copying your profile to some dating scam on their network. Otherwise, they may choose to put your avatar on one of their landing pages to show that you are one of their members. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of being recognized by your acquaintances, give this stupid site a hard pass.

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