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iGetNaughty.com looks like a reputable dating site, especially when you look at their homepage. You’ll see a pretty girly picture, which makes you feel like you’re dealing with a legitimate site. If you scroll down, you’ll see a concise explanation of how the site works.

However, when we thoroughly researched the website of operator Apricot Digitals LLC from James Bourchier in Bulgaria, we discovered that it was a fake chat. The operator uses fake chats to scam users. The platform uses several tricks to trick you into buying a premium subscription.

This site might be fake – iGetNaughty

If you registered on iGetNaughty.com and thought you were going to chat with beautiful naughty girls, then you should know that you were going to chat with imaginary girls. This site runs a fake pirate chat scam. It paid moderators to manage fake accounts and used chatbots to send messages.

The following are stated in the terms and conditions.

We do not guarantee that all profiles found through a search belong to other users, as we reserve the right to create profiles (“Employee Profiles”) that are maintained and managed by our staff. The purpose of these employee profiles is to enable us to function properly by allowing us to test services, features and functionality, and to research our products and services.

Subscribe rip off

The platform encourages you to subscribe on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. These give you the benefit of premium features where you can chat with girls at your convenience. It even gives you 30% off any package. After purchasing a subscription, the subscription will automatically renew. Subscriptions are extremely difficult to cancel. This is known as subscription theft. So be careful with this scam site.