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The landing page of LustPals.com features several pictures of attractive women on it. It is alleged that all of these are actual users who are awaiting the arrival of new members to the community. Newcomers are misled into believing the profiles they see on the home page are associated with real members who are available for dates, flings, and extra-marital affairs. A straightforward registration seemed to have been the sole impediment to the realization of the user’s secret fantasies.

Not a dating website

A small print at the bottom of the landing page states that LustPals.com is a virtual recreation service that features fictional profiles. What we read suggests that only a few of the profiles are real. To understand it better, we investigated the Terms & Conditions more closely, there the specific information was even more detailed.

As specifically written, this is not a dating website. The probability of meeting someone in person is virtually non-existent here. Almost all of the profiles users interact with here are manipulated by “fake chat” operators who pretend to be real people. Even if LustPals.com is quite explicit about the presence of fake accounts, this is still considered a scam because the profiles are not labeled as fictitious.

The following was taken from the Terms and Conditions.

The Service is a digital chat service for adults that specializes in fantasy. The profiles are intended solely for the amusement of Users. The interaction between the User and other profiles may resemble real-world discussion and role-playing in order to fulfill the desired fantasy. However, the Service is not a dating website, and it is not possible to interact with fictional profiles in person.

A dishonest fantasy chat scheme

Creating an account on LustPals.com is free of charge, but accessing the chat is not. To communicate, users must purchase the so-called “credits”, which limit the number of messages users can send. The price of a message can differ depending on the number of credits that they purchase, ranging from 15.8 to 20.8 ZAR per message. As we documented in our evaluation, these exorbitant costs will have no effect on the user’s ability to meet others.

The company that facilitates this scam is SkyLoop Digital Ltd, which is based in London, England. Other websites similar to LustPals.com are also part of the network, all of which utilize a fake chat service.

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