Home » March 2023 MyFunDate.net Review: A Phony Scam – Fraudulent Verification

MyFunDate.net offers an online dating platform for those seeking uncomplicated sexual encounters. The landing page promises the opportunity to connect with real women looking for real men, though this claim is questionable. The website is operated by a Swiss company called Cargo Media AG, which manages several dating portals with explicit content. Unfortunately, all of these websites have been identified as scams.

Clear Fraud

Upon visiting the site, we received messages from multiple women expressing their interest in hooking up with us. However, we had not even created a profile yet. The volume of attention we received was so unrealistic that it was difficult to believe anyone could fall for this type of fraudulent activity. According to the website’s terms of use, the company sends “Icebreaker Messages” to new users to initiate conversations artificially. Although the messages carry an identifier, this marker is challenging to identify, and the company takes advantage of this lack of knowledge.

The Following is an Excerpt from the Terms and Conditions

During registration, we offer our users the option to sign up for Icebreaker News and Icebreaker Actions, which includes messaging, profile viewing, and friend requests on behalf of consenting users. These Actions aim to introduce users to each other, promote active community participants, and boost the use of our service.

www.MyFunDate.net reserves the right to alter billing methods and add additional fees or charges for services provided by our website.

Questionable Memberships

Suspiciously, to access the platform’s most interesting features, users must buy a premium membership. However, remember that all profiles on the platform are fake. Furthermore, users should be cautious because the subscriptions renew automatically, including the one-day trial. Often, fraudulent operators use trials to trap users into a recurring subscription scheme where they cannot cancel the subscription. We suspect this is occurring on this platform.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.