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The promoter of the Net-Flings.com platform has found a clever way to get men to register on their website. They have created a sensual environment on their homepage, to give a glimpse of what awaits a member, once he registers. The website has a nicely designed homepage, with a nice pink color scheme, and a pretty girl, who is ready to satisfy all your fantasies. A space is clearly visible on your left, for creating your account. This is done in a few steps.

Without a doubt, the dating site Net-Flings.com practices a fake chat rip-off. You have the company’s fake chat moderators behind the screen, chatting with you. They use fake profiles which are created by the company. Chatbots are also used to produce messages and notifications to registered members. On this site, never expect to have a real chat experience, with a real girl, who has created an account here. Think again because it will never happen.

We have found this in the terms

The Company operates system profiles (i.e. profiles connected to Accounts that have been created by the Company and which are either operated by contractors of the Company who impersonate the persons portrayed in such profiles or by a system designed to interact with users) and expressly reserves the right to chat with users through such system profiles in order to enhance the users’ entertainment experience. This means maybe not all the people you chat with are 100% real.

Coin system – Net-Flings.com

Upon registration, when you validate your email address, the site gives you 100 coins, so you can chat with the girls. Once you have used up the free coins, you must purchase a package, to continue chatting with your fake partner. Here, the renewal of the pack is not automatic. So, fortunately, it is not a Subscription rip-off.

These are our our recommendation to an alternative site.