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The landing page of CasualWives.com touts over 1.7 million registered users, who are supposedly looking for a sex partner for a quick hookup. However, after reviewing the site, we found that this claim is largely untrue. Many of the profiles featured on the site are fake, and users have little chance of actually meeting someone.

No Genuine Members to Connect With

Our investigation found that CasualWives.com openly admits in their Terms & Conditions that they use fake profiles to spice up the user experience. Unfortunately, these fake accounts do not have any indicators to differentiate them from genuine accounts, making it impossible to tell if you are talking to a real person or not. In many cases, these profiles are run by moderators pretending to be someone else, or automated scripts controlled by the company. The ultimate goal is to trick users into subscribing, which we believe is still a scam.

Terms & Conditions Note

“From time to time, while You use Our Services, You may interact with automated online accounts and/or false profiles, which all its content has been generated by either: a) real persons that have been only contracted or employed by Us for the purposes set-forth below; or/and b) by automated programs or scripts, which dialogues none really exist and have been generated exclusively by programming (hereinafter referred to as ‘Automated Profiles’).”

A Cautionary Tale About Wasting Your Money

CasualWives.com’s paid memberships come with the ability to message other users, but there’s a catch. Basic members are unable to communicate with anyone, so they are forced to upgrade. Unfortunately, all subscriptions are set to renew automatically, putting users at risk of being caught in an endless billing cycle. While there is no legal proof of a scam, we strongly recommend our readers to avoid spending any money on CasualWives.com or any platform operated by Theme Bow Ltd. This UK-based company has a very poor reputation and is known for ignoring subscription cancellation requests. In fact, you can find several negative reviews from past users who have fallen into their trap.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.