Home » Review of ScottishSluts.co.uk: Deception Detected in April 2023 with Bogus Verification

ScottishSluts.co.uk claims to be the perfect online platform for finding someone in Scotland who is available for casual sex encounters. All it takes is a simple and free registration process to make your dirtiest dreams come true. The homepage clearly states that this is not the right place for romantic experiences, but promises plenty of opportunities to connect with hot sluts eager to meet you.

Unfortunately, ScottishSluts.co.uk is not a trustworthy or effective dating platform. In fact, it’s nothing but a scam with a fake chat. The website only provides virtual “entertainment” with professional moderators who don’t even match the profiles’ pictures. Your chances of meeting someone in person are close to zero.

According to the Terms and Conditions:

This service uses self-created entertainment profiles, these profiles are moderated and therefore no physical agreements are possible.

Are there any real profiles?

While we can’t guarantee it, there may be some genuine members on ScottishSluts.co.uk. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish them from the many fake accounts created by the site’s owners. It’s best to assume that all messages are from professional moderators rather than real users to avoid wasting your time and money.

Chatting is Expensive

In addition to being a scam, ScottishSluts.co.uk is also expensive. Although registration is free, using the chat feature will cost you. Each message requires 50 credits, which is roughly equivalent to £1.50. Spending money to chat with a fake user simply isn’t worth it.

The website is operated by Online Media Solutions BV, a company based in’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. They have a poor reputation and often receive negative feedback from users of their various dating platforms.

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