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SocialSex.com is an online dating website for individuals seeking a hookup with no strings attached. The website is operated by Winchester Solutions Ltd, a British company based in Portsmouth. Unfortunately, the website resort to using fake accounts and complicated website structures to trick users into purchasing a premium membership.

Fake Chat Scam

While accessing the member’s area and navigating the platform is free, the website’s convoluted layout leads users to believe that they must sign up for a premium membership to continue browsing. We have thoroughly reviewed multiple portals and discovered the website’s attempts to mislead customers. We find this deceitful behavior untrustworthy and not characteristic of a reputable company.

Moreover, the female profiles seemed beyond attractive, and we had legitimate concerns regarding a possible fake chat scheme. These concerns proved valid when we examined the Terms and Conditions, which openly stated that the operator generated false profiles to provide a virtual “entertainment” experience. These fabricated profiles, labeled as “online emissaries,” are designed to allure customers into wasting money on unproductive chats. Although some individuals might appreciate the opportunity to converse with these virtual profiles, most individuals who fail to read the terms of use are bound to be sorely disappointed when reality sets in.

The Following Excerpts are Cited from the Terms and Conditions

By consenting to and accepting these Terms, You acknowledge You fully understand, accept and agree to the E STAR PROGRAM / ONLINE EMISSARY service. You acknowledge that You understand that some of the profiles pictures displayed on them are not actual members of the site. E STAR PROGRAM / ONLINE EMISSARY are not associated with any other user of the site, but are sent to You in an effort to promote broader enjoyment, additional activity and fuller participation in all our Services.

You agree that if you cancel at any time after purchasing a Membership to socialsex.biz (for example, 20 minutes after you sign up), you will still be charged the full Membership fee for the applicable period.

Risky Membership

Although promised a 100% hookup guarantee, users can only access casual sex dates by subscribing to a premium membership. However, many users quickly realize that the website is rife with scams and attempt to terminate their membership. Unfortunately, once a user commits, they are unable to receive a reimbursement for their purchase, even if only minutes into the subscription. They will still be required to pay for the entire membership period.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.