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The homepage of SteamyFlirt.com invites users to join the website and unleash their flirty side to thousands of hot members looking for an erotic experience. The registration process is advertised as being free. Potential subscribers are tricked into thinking that they will never have to pay anything to enjoy the service. It is a misleading piece of information because the basic membership is rather useless. All users can do for free is set up an account, upload a picture, and browse the member’s area.

It Could Be a Trap

To be able to send messages to other users, a member would need to upgrade and become a premium member. Based on several reviews from past users, we don’t recommend our readers do so. All premium memberships renew automatically. This means that if users want to avoid being repeatedly charged, they need to cancel their subscriptions.

According to online reports and testimonials, cancellation requests are always ignored or rejected without any valid explanation. We didn’t find clear evidence of the scam. As a result, we don’t see any reason why someone should spend money on SteamyFlirt.com. This portal contains fictional profiles that don’t associate with any real members. None of the conversations that users may have with the profiles here will lead to an actual date.

Here Is the Proof from the Terms & Conditions

Please, note that while using Our Services You may sometimes interact with automated online accounts and/or fictitious profiles, which its interactions have been generated by or with the assistance of automated programs or scripts, or by real persons that have been contracted or employed by Us (Hereinafter, referred to as “Bots”, “Automated Profiles” or “Fictitious profiles”).

Just a Fake Chat Scam

Web Consultancy, which is the site’s operator from Mahe, Seychelles, always uses a fake chat service on each one of their platforms. SteamyFlirt.com contains fictional profiles created and managed by either professional moderators that impersonate a real member or by chatbots, which are computer programs designed to simulate a human conversation.

Since these accounts are not identified separately in the system, there is no way to distinguish them from genuine ones. Therefore, users can never know for sure whether they are talking to a real member or not. We suggest our readers not trust anybody on SteamyFlirt.com or any other portal run by this untrustworthy company.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.