Home » Review of UNLimdate.com: A Fraudulent Check and Scam in March 2023

UNLimdate.com is a deceitful dating platform that incorporates a false chat feature. Unfortunately, users may not realize this unless they carefully read through the legal disclaimers. This scam is being operated by Mediascythe Ltd, an operator located in California, USA. It is evident that this operator understands the infrequent occurrence of people reading through the Terms and Conditions. We believe this is purposefully misleading.

Icebreakers and fabricated profiles

The UNLimdate.com landing page is straightforward and minimalistic. It showcases a plain dark background with clear-cut fonts. The platform invites you to join the world of intelligent dating, and registering is easy and free. However, we suggest carefully reviewing the fine print below the registration form. Registering indicates that you agree to receiving sexually suggestive messages and sharing your data with third parties. The platform also assures that being actively engaged on the platform will result in connecting with at least one hundred people per day.

However, our experience has taught us to be wary when something sounds too good to be true. On the platform, the Terms and Conditions acknowledge the use of AI to generate fake profiles. Additionally, icebreaker messages are sent out to initiate conversations with users. These icebreakers can be sent to multiple users simultaneously, rendering them meaningless. This is how they maintain a promise of everyone being contacted at least once per session.

The excerpts below are directly from the Terms and Conditions:

During low attendance hours, we reserve the right to register AI profiles to ensure users continue to utilize the website and communicate with others without interruption.

Our users may opt to send the same message (referred to as “icebreakers”) to several other members, chosen by an automatic algorithm, to allocate attention and activity among members using our service. Icebreakers can be received multiple times from the same user and can be sent through the same channels as regular messages, including chat messages and letters.

By uploading content to UNLimdate, you grant us an irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully paid, global license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, and distribute your content, including preparing derivative works or incorporating it into other works, and to grant or authorize sub-licenses for the purpose of providing the service to you.


Another red flag is the utilization of an image instead of text for the operator’s name, Mediascythe Ltd, in the Terms of Use. Our experience investigating numerous other reviews has proven that this is often an indication of something that the company is attempting to hide. Additionally, anything uploaded on this platform becomes the company’s property. This includes your personal and private pictures, which can be utilized without any limitations or consent.

These are our recommendations for an alternative site.