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uDates.io is a simple online dating platform with minimal content, and beautiful pictures and seems to let you chat with hot girls. To encourage you, the site gives you 50 coins when you sign up so you can experience chatting with girls for the first time. But here you can only exchange messages with fake profiles.

In fact, the website of Sliema, Malta-based fake chat operator SOL Networks Ltd will make you believe that you’re chatting with naughty human girls. However, it is the company-paid moderators who manage the fake accounts. It also has other applications to manage communication with men. Also, you need to pay coins to continue chatting with fake profiles.

Coin system – uDates.io

The 50 coins you receive when you sign up only allow you to send 10 messages. Each message costs 5 coins and your message can contain up to 160 symbols. After that, you need to pay more coins to continue chatting.

From the terms and conditions, we read, 40 coins cost £11.99; 150 coins cost £29.99. 670 coins are worth £99.99 and 1,660 coins are worth £199.99. It was a fraudulent coin system designed to blackmail men. Fortunately, you can always buy coin packs. There are no automatic updates. So it’s not subscription piracy.

We believe this site might be fake – uDates.io

If a guy takes the time to sign up on an online dating site, it’s to chat with beautiful girls who are ready to satisfy his desires. Knowing this, some website operators (like uDates.io) use chatbots and fake chat moderators. They ruin the experience of these people by creating a fake chat scam. Scripts and specific bots are used to craft sexy messages for men.

We found a lot of negative reviews from former members of the site. You can read various reviews about this platform on the Internet. Guys have even chatted with girls online for hours before realizing it was a bot responding. Extremely difficult to break. This is known as subscription theft. So be careful with this scam site.

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