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Report for LusciousHookups.com review

The dating site LusciousHookups.com claims to have close to two million members, many of which are extremely good-looking. We can sign up for free and contact interesting singles from our neighbourhood. We do not believe the high number of members on this site to be true because there are many fake profiles in the members’ area. They are what makes LusciousHookups.com a fake chat scam.

The many fake members are not always easy to spot. In fact, the operator wants you to be clueless about them. You need a premium membership if you want to have conversations in the chat. The fake profiles are there to entertain you. They are either bots that send generated messages, or company employees, who have been trained to manipulate you. The site’s operator manages numerous scam dating sites. Maunaloa Ltd is based in Nicosia, in Cyprus.

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Details on the LusciousHookups.com review

LusciousHookups.com looks promising at first sight. Apparently, this is where we can encounter numerous good-looking female members, who are looking for sex dates. On the landing page, we can see some random updates. Several female members are sharing their thoughts and seem to be desperate about sexual adventures with men. None of this is actually real. The operator just wants you to sign up. This site is a rip-off.

The registration form is very easy to spot. However, there is an interesting statement which is not that easy to find. Just below the registration form, the operator addresses the issue of computer-generated profiles, newsletters, and personal data. This is shared with third parties. We get why the following statement is only found in the fine print.

I also agree to receive email newsletters, account updates, special offers and communications from computer generated virtual profiles, targeted to my interests, sent by luscioushookups.com or lhcupids.com, and agree to allow my personal data to be shared with third parties.

Seductive messages and fake attention

After signing up on LusciousHookups.com, we are finally able to chat with members, like the ones we could see on the landing page. We do not have to wait too long for replies. The other members seem very talkative. We attract a lot of attention. Many women want to meet us in real life. However, something feels odd here. The replies that we receive seem generated, and kind of vague. In fact, we are dealing with the computer-generated profiles, which are mentioned by the operator.

Another definition of these profiles can be found in the Terms and Conditions

From time to time, while You use Our Services, You may interact with automated online accounts and/or false profiles, which all its content has been generated by either: a) real persons that have been only contracted or employed by Us for the purposes set-forth below; or/and b) by automated programs or scripts.

The true nature of the member profiles

Apparently, we are dealing with bots here. However, the operator is also speaking of real people, who oversee fictitious profiles. Company employees, who act as fake chat operators, can be found on many scam dating sites on the internet. Real people can manipulate you in the chat, by providing you with the right messages.

We are only able to send a few messages. Suddenly, we need a premium membership. This premium membership extends automatically until we cancel it. Many regular dating sites offer premium subscriptions like this one. LusciousHookups.com does not necessarily have to be a subscription rip-off. However, Maunaloa Ltd, cannot be trusted. This operator, based in Nicosia on the island of Cyprus, has been criticized in several user reviews on the internet.

The conclusion from our LusciousHookups.com review

Our experience with LusciousHookups.com was unsatisfying. We doubt that the profiles on this site are real people, as they frequently send automated computer-generated messages. Purchasing a subscription is necessary just to talk to non-existent members. This site is run by Maunaloa Ltd and is a rip-off. Similar experiences have been reported by other users in online reviews.

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