Home » A Review of Fuck-Me.io: Deceptive Inspection in March 2023

Fuck-Me.io is a casual dating service that aims to send spam emails to its users in order to promote other websites. These websites can either belong to the site’s operator or other businesses that cooperate with Technius Ltd. Although the site claims to exclude any kind of rip-off, the profiles are fake, and our research has shown hints of a fake chat service. Despite offering its services for free, there is definitely a catch. It seems unlikely that the operator would give out free services if it didn’t benefit them in some way.

It’s possible that the operator might be receiving income from other businesses that pay them to send out spam emails. This site doesn’t appear to be very popular, which is another indication that it’s unreliable. If this site were truly legitimate, it would have more users since it’s a free service. However, the low number of active users suggests that there are no real results from using this site. Additionally, the site has a very basic matchmaking system, indicating that the operator didn’t put much effort into creating it.

Not a Solid Casual Dating Service

If you’re looking for a genuine dating website, this site is not the one for you. Although we found a few positive reviews online from former users who spoke highly of the friendly, welcoming, and open-minded community, they seem scripted. As the website Fuck-Me.io is operated by Technius Ltd located in Nicosia, Cyprus, it’s worth mentioning that a few other companies based in this area are not reliable. Therefore, it’s probable that this operator might not be any different from the rest.

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